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Surrender is perfectly compatible with taking action,
initiating change, and achieving goals.  But in the
surrendered state a totally different quality flows into
your doing.  In the state of surrender, you see very clearly
what needs to be done, and you take action, doing one
thing at a time and focusing on one thing
at a time. – Eckhart Tolle

Eckhart Tolle’s words of wisdom were ones my s/o Phil and I were able to put into practice in 2010. We experienced financial challenges, which brought up  a  sense of feeling trapped as we couldn’t see the way out. However, we  put into practice what we talk about which is to trust and surrender, and were able to surrender our fears,  feeling of powerlessness and simply trust that God, a Higher Intelligence, the Universe,  would provide. By surrendering, we released energetic blocks that would prevent us from thinking clearly or aligning ourselves to solutions taking place.
When we reached the point of “no return”, meaning money  ran out as our business debt and personal bills were higher than our incoming profits, and I for the first time in years did not pay my personal bills so we could pay a monthly business debt to family, Phil received an email from our real estate agent, announcing we had finally sold the cabin. This was after almost a year of being in the market.  The cabin was sold  for much less due to the economy, but it enabled us to get out of credit card debt at least. For this we are both very grateful!

We are not out of the woods yet, but yet we are provided for. Again, we need to surrender whatever fears may come up, and take action when necessary. It allows for a good night’s sleep and a sense of connection with something higher than our  fearful mind.