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 When seeking guidance or healing of an issue, often the answer to one’s prayers or intentions come from the earth itself. The universe, the very air that we breathe is infused with God. There is nothing that is not God; even sorrow has the touch of divinity in it. The universe is alive, communicating with all of its creations, but if we close our minds in fear or doubt, we may miss the gentle whisper of the Divine.

When we are open and listen with our heart, we will connect to the daily inspiration that divinity is communicating to us. Why not? The Divine enjoys all forms of creation, and communication is a creative opportunity for the Creator’s expression.  It may be in the form of a bird landing on your windowsill, the chance encounter with a stranger, or a radio announcement that has a message that can be of guidance.

We are all connected, the creatures of the earth and ocean, the trees, the flowers, our brothers and sisters; we are all messengers for one another, we are not alone.

Copyright © 2011 “Dance With Truth” excerpt