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Today, I am off topic in order to share my thoughts on blogging.

I am not new in the world of blogging or internet writing, but I admit, I have opened a few blogs, write, don’t get much traffic, lose interest and move on to the next one. The only place where I have been a consistent writer is at Hubpages where I have been a member for over 3 years and have a nice following, healthy amount of comments in my hubs ( blogs are called hubs) and warm connections with other writers,  many who also connect on Facebook. We as writers support each other and this in turn encourages us to stay and write at our pace.

Most writers who open a blog or uses the internet as a medium to share their words and work is doing it for the thrill of connecting to the reader, to share a part of themselves with others; to promote their work. Like a performer we thrive on feedback, and are often inspired to continue to create and refine our craft.

I  am still learning my way around WordPress, and recently discovered the ‘tag surfer’ that leads me to blogs that are in alignment with my interests which is non religious spirituality and inspiration. I also venture into health, poetic and artistic blogs. The thought as a newbie and non- techquie occurred to me,  “too bad we don’t have  a “friends request” button in blogs as we do in social networks.  The amount of followers and fellowship would increase very quickly.”  I assume this is the idea of “tag surfer” and following a blogger is helpful but does not guarantee a connection between the writers.  However, I have found it enjoyable to read the blogs of the members here via ‘tag surfer’.

I truly believe there is strength in numbers as I have seen how when writers connect, we attract more readership.  Connecting to like-minded or kindred spirits makes blogging fun, so I am going to stick around and look forward in meeting bloggers!