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“Every human being must go through the process of being wounded in order to expand one’s consciousness into greater wholeness.” — Andrew Schneider

As I write this entry tonight, I am listening to soothing music from the play list of a member of a spiritual social network site I joined this summer.  I always enjoy connecting to what is beautiful and uplifting, so I am thankful for this healer’s sharing.

When I lost more hearing three days after my 33rd birthday (which was many years ago), I lost the ability to hear certain musical tones; the musical world became flatter for me, but I am grateful I hear instrumental music well enough to enjoy it.

This hearing challenge is strange, it changes at times to the point where I can hear my soulmate’s speech perfectly,  the sounds of the wind and the song of birds, which have brought me to tears and that of my mate’s, but then I revert to my partial world of silence where the caress of the wind is felt but not heard.

During the moments when my hearing improves, is when I have had a spiritual clarity or an ‘aha’ moment that releases suppressed internal energy – such as fears or the emotional remnants from the ups and downs that we all experience in this world of duality. Most of the time, no big drama goes on when this release comes about, perhaps a few tears are shed and a deep sense of gratitude follows.

These shifts have opened up a new way of  how I look at the  world that we think is ‘real’. I am finding  that reality is very fluid, that what we experience in the body and in our general life experiences is what we hold in mind, so the possibilities of creating potentials in our lives are limitless, we are after all God in expression.