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I was recalling a comment that my late nephew Omar made when he was about 10. He took a look at the books I liked to read, and all were spiritual topics, well most of them; in the mix were psychology books and a few poetry collections. He said teasingly, “Aunt Marie, when are you going to read a normal book?” and it made me smile because he was right – I was not interested in novels or the general topics most people read.

My focus from the age of 14 years has been spiritual – it’s the only thing that truly matters to me, because out of a spiritual understanding arises a foundation that has sustained me in the journey we call life, and has given me a good grasp on how the human mind works and glimpses into the world of Spirit and Truth.

Through the ups and downs in my life, when shifts of awareness has occurred, and my concept of God has changed, the subtle awareness that I am timeless, living in a sacred world remains with me.

This encourages me to continue having the willingness for my consciousness to expand and to let go of what no longer works or allows me see the Face of God.