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  Books like “The Secret” which I enjoyed reading and watching the DVD, are motivating and fun to read, but I wonder, if we are totally honest, has visualizing, saying the affirmations, really worked in attracting what we want? Or does it remain a dream that it will work one day? I have the feeling that for most people using the Law of Attraction techniques to attract what they want has not worked as expected.

One area that many LOA books that I have read fail to discuss is, that if we don’t become aware of what is going on inside of us and release emotional blocks with clarity,  it presents a block in attracting what we want. If one feels unworthy of let’s say love,  stating “I am attracting a loving partner into my life” may not work the way it’s being envisioned  because what we feel on the inside, is our day-to-day affirmation of what WE think deserve, so most likely a mate that reflects a lack of self-love (as in an abusive relationship) may show up. This is where the LOA works, at the core of our being.

Joe Vitale one of the teachers in “The Secret” DVD, admits that as great as “The Secret” was, it didn’t dwell with depth with how our reality really works, but he still is appreciative that they were able to share several truths, as it’s useful in helping folks to focus on life differently (I am rephrasing here).  He has written a new book, “The Key” which fills the gaps with where “The Secret” left off.

Positive thinking is wonderful and powerful in serving as a compass to move our energy and life in the right direction, but inner work, releasing ideas about ourselves and Creation that blocks us, and combining this with a positive focus creates more profound changes.

To a positive, spirit filled of what is remaining of 2011!

Has repeating affirmations worked for you? Would love to hear from readers! 🙂