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This is an image and message from Doreen Virtue’s deck of angel cards that a friend posted in her new Facebook page which is dedicated to healing and harmony.

Healing Spirit

From my experience when we lighten up and let go of misunderstandings, we stop feeding the energy of anger, and it may bring about a shift or healing. If not, then it sets one free from walking around with the burden of a mind rehashing the hurts, which in turn affects our well being. It allows us to enjoy the presence of the moment.

Of course, it involves inner work, understanding the human ego, and knowing we all respond from our projections and filters of what we carry within in our mind and heart. We all are doing the best with our level of consciousness. If one is let’s say “selfish” we tend to see others as selfish as well, or if one “celebrates the good in others”, we tend to think others are enjoying our good. Yet, no matter where we are in our evolution, our true nature is Love and love does wonders!