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I used to not understand how the statement that everything happens for a reason, or that there is perfection in the universe, could be a valid statement. The world seemed chaotic and often cruel. How could a tsunami, earthquakes, fires, man’s inhumanity to man be perfect? I could see perfection in the things that would bring love, peace, joy, and beauty into the world.

I did not realize then, that if we pay very close attention to the events in our personal lives, no matter how challenging, it always if we are willing, lead to transformations in our lives. The pieces like a puzzle fit together to create the person you have become. They may be subtle, but the transformation could be looking at yourself and life with a deeper appreciation, and when these changes take place, our lives are bound to change.

Our human mind has difficulty understanding why the things that happen in our world happen and where the exact perfection is, such as in the death of a loved one, but our souls which is the truth of who we are, does understand. It understands your existence. It’s impossible not to understand at a deeper level, as we have the Infinite Intelligence within us who knows all and transcends death.

Intuition, stilling the mind, keeping one’s heart open, allows for a knowing of the perfection of the universe to start becoming breathtakingly clear.

Copyright © 2011 “Dance with Truth” excerpt