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Affirmative prayers are words that are spiritual and positive in it’s approach, acknowledges our inner power, and are not confined to a religion; one can pray to our concept of God/Creation.


In a planet that is always growing, changing and

where there are needs to be fulfilled,

there is opportunity of work for all. 

I wish to have security and provide financially 

for my loved ones and myself.

May I be guided to work that I love.

May I be surrounded in an atmosphere

of cooperation and respect.

May I be embraced by calm and confidence

during interviews and do so well

that I will be hired and gainfully employed!

I let go of the fear of staying unemployed

and trust in the bounty of the universe!

Thank you for the answer to this prayer!

And so it is! Amen.

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Copyright © Copyright © 2011  “Beyond Inspiration” Excerpt by Sufilight