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Mt. Hood, Oregon

Last year, life is was busy for my soulmate Phil and I. Once again, we had to go to clean our cabin in Mt Hood for new guests arriving on the following day. We couldn’t hire a cleaning lady, as we needed the money and it was important to be there anyhow, as sometimes guests  would break things (such as the washing machine, doors, lamps) but Phil fixes things quickly. We would come home and work on our online business’ orders, which we can be easily processing after 11 PM, plus Phil had to answer rental inquiries and book new guests. I have a new found respect for anyone who owns a hotel or inn, it involves patience and professionalism. In addition, Phil re-opened his remodeling business and had an assignment the following week.

Interior of cabin

We worked this hard because we had a large six figure business debt, and until the cabin sold we had a responsibility to meet.

So where am I getting with this? That I noticed we have a lot of energy and we are both baby boomers. We don’t really get tired or feel overwhelmed (well most of the time) because we went with the flow – we didn’t complain often, even if I don’t care very much for cleaning; we just do it, and made sure we added some humor and fun into our day.

River in Front of Cabin

It is self-created stress and resistance that depletes one. I have found that what we cannot change, it’s best to simply accept it; nothing is forever anyway in this world of temporary form.

This is a short, sweet life lesson that we both have learned to apply with consistency.

May your day be filled with humor and non-resistance!

Post Note: We sold the cabin in December 2010 at the nick of time, when options ran out in a bad real estate market. We are blessed!