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I am a member of a spiritual social network site which is very much like Facebook, but better for those of us who interested in spirituality, the well being of ourselves and our planet.  In this network we can blog, add videos, share our commercial products and simply connect to others. I am meeting kindred souls who inspire me! If you are spiritually inclined, like positive thinking, inspiration, check the site out and register. It’s awesome!

Spiritual Networks

Today two healers Simon and Pat who conduct a daily one minute intention for different needs around the planet have agreed to send energies, at my suggestion,  for the well being of the children of the world.

I am adding an affirmative prayer for our children.  I like affirmative praying because this type of prayer transcends religion, it’s purely spiritual, often acknowledges our inner power and focuses on possibility thinking. Men and women from all paths can modify an affirmative prayer and call God by whatever name feels is the right one. It’s the love and intention that matters when it comes to praying or meditating.

For the Children of the World

Our children are the hope for the future

born in a world that is often filled with strife and divisiveness

brought on by mankind’s misalignment with its higher nature.

May the Divine inner spark within these innocents

protect them and guide them as they

start their journey in this world. 

May the inner spark within each child 

ignite into a collective awakening as they become adults.

May this spark help to bring the light of love and understanding

into the hearts of every man and woman in this world.

May the children of the world show the way

and usher humanity at last into a brand new world.

So it is. Amen! 


Copyright © 2011  “Beyond Inspiration” Excerpt by Sufilight