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I am on a mission to finish my book on affirmative prayers and spiritual musings. Such a simple book, but it takes work to create the finished product. It’s my baby, and though nothing is ever perfect, it has to be polished and well dressed before I go ahead and let it walk out into the world.

I figure, if I start with my first published book, I will continue writing books because I will see the reality of my goal turn into a tangible creation. I already have a second one in the works which is a children’s story I wrote about 15 years ago. It feels good to finally end the procrastination of decades. I notice that when we stop procrastinating, things seem to flow better as there isn’t that tension or negative self talk from unfilled goals.

There is a blogger who offers great tips for would be authors. I highly recommend her, just reading her entries puts one in a creative space and helps with writer’s block.

If my subscribers do not see me writing as much or reading your blogs, please know I am still around, so please don’t think I forgot you or leave me! But, knowing myself, I probably will post as soon as tomorrow, 🙂 but yet there are no guarantees, as I don’t want to turn posting in my blog as an excuse to not focus on my book.

The Writer’s Help

I have seen many talented bloggers with good writing skills, so I hope that would-be authors will take the leap!