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 I have been on a spiritual search for most of my life; always seeking answers to the questions “who am I?” “why am I here?”, “why do certain things happen in our world?” “Is this reality all there is?” This seeking is not new, it’s as old as the world itself, bringing forth many philosophers and teachers of spiritual truth, each with their own answers.

I have come to realize that acquiring more methods, ideas and practices can serve as a compass in a nobler direction, but it does not bring me closer to the clarity of being totally aware of my true nature. It is ironically in letting go of ideas, perceptions, a shedding of what no longer works, that creates openings which brings me closer to the reveleation of Truth.

The Truth is simple, it is within, but we cannot see it through the man- made stories and ego filters, which prevent us from seeing we are One and from the same Source.

In letting go, we set ourselves free.