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This open heart of mine

can feel the sorrow and joy of

those I love and even for the

stranger crossing my path.

But I have learned, that no

matter how open one’s heart

may be –

the mind’s filters and fears

have a way of stepping


on the petals of the heart.

The human part of me, feels

a quiet sadness, perhaps a void,

a small death –

as I am reminded yet again,

nothing in the illusion of life

stays the same

or is what I thought it would be.

Yet, my soul feels the gentle ripples of

peace, a sense of gratitude and a wisdom,

that in the midst of the thorns

life sometimes gives,

there is beauty

there is love

there is joy

there is Spirit

and the opportunity to continue

to live life with a child-like wonder

and an eternally open,

yielding heart.

@Copyright 2010 Sufilight