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Change is always taking place in our lives; our bodies are constantly changing, such as having a new liver every 6 weeks, (amazing! isn’t it?) but when a dramatic change takes place such as the loss of a job or a loved one, often the way is being paved for a different you.  Life is all about experiences for our growth, many of which we don’t really have control over. We can kick or scream, but resistance  pulls us deeper into unconsciousness; we miss the opportunity of transcending our challenges and aligning ourselves with the  perfect movement of life.

It is in getting out of the way that a Higher Intelligence can more easily express through us and direct our path.

***Post Note: This is an entry I wrote for a new WordPress blog I am creating. I purchased a domain so I have more flexibility. It’s not yet published, I am just adding content for now while I figure the technical aspect of the site with my mate’s help. 🙂 I will also keep blogging in “Love is the Answer.”