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I  found that when I resisted life – my intuition and clarity  became obscured and I made errors in judgment. I also seemed to attract more negativity into my space. But, when I learned new moves with the dance of life and had the understanding that there are certain things in life we cannot control, that the tapestry of life is infinite,  that the dual nature of life brings us joy and sorrow, dark and light – a quiet surrender took place and the light of clarity shined on the darker corners of my life.

Surrender does not mean giving up, not doing anything about what we wish to change; it means surrendering our internal conflict; from this place of stillness, we either take action in the outward world, or continue to look within and work on releasing internally that which is blocking us.

Embracing all of life and learning to flow with it,  has given me a  sweeter dance with life. May your dance also be sweet.