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“Learn to get in touch with the silence within yourself, and know that everything in life has purpose. There are no mistakes, no coincidences, all events are blessings given to us to learn from.” Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

As a few of my WordPress followers know I have a Facebook fan page “Love Is The Answer” where I post daily quotes that are uplifting or that makes one stop and reconsider how we perceive life.  I breathe and live what I write about spirituality. Some one shared the above quote on Facebook, and it was in perfect timing for a tremendous challenge I experienced four days ago.

I was with my life partner Phil in the van on our way to drop off orders from our customers at the post office, and before I knew it, my ears were ringing, and most of my hearing suddenly left me. I was plunged into a world where I saw movement, people talking, children laughing, cars driving past us but all without a sound. It was to me a distressing reality.

Your inspirational writer Marie had two days where there were moments of inconsolable crying and fear.  And I tell you, I am strong, but not this time.  I had been working with a great science program to improve my hearing from Posit Science which I discovered when Nancy  http://nrhatch.wordpress.com/ shared information about a book “The Brain That Changes Itself” that writes of mind boggling healing taking place in patients by rewiring the brain through mental exercises. In the book, they mentioned a software program to improve hearing, so I purchased it early this year.   I saw incredible improvements to then suddenly experience this reversal. It caught me by surprise, as my physical health is a good one.

However, after two days of sadness and fear, and not talking much about it,  Phil and I had a profound spiritual conversation (I lip read), and I regained my inner stillness and decided to move on. I went out by myself the next day and did routine tasks to have normalcy back in my life. On the day I went out,  I noticed that many people were drawn to me and smiling at me. Children would wave at me as well as the elderly. When I got home, I realized that this pleasant connection with strangers made my venture out easier. In the seven years, I have lived in Oregon; I had not experienced this Southern-like charm.

By being centered, I can then do what I need to do. Seeing a doctor is not worthwhile as I experienced the same drop 24 years ago, but since I had better hearing then, I did not experience total deafness. There is nothing the medical establishment can do. By being centered, I give my mind and body the possibility of healing.

And it has started to pay off…. I used healing energy techniques, purchased Homeopathic remedies for tinnitus (ringing in the ear) and Bach Rescue Remedy for trauma. Yesterday after taking a nap, I woke up with some hearing back! The damage this time is not permanent.  Now I can hear my voice, Phil’s and a few sounds we take for granted. I am not out of the woods yet as I still hear less than last week, but at least I am not in the Twilight Zone where the world suddenly has lost sound.

The lesson I am learning from this is I need to make further spring cleaning type of changes.  Life is a constant letting go, not only of physical things, relationships and so on, but a letting go of internal dynamics that no longer work for our well-being and spiritual evolution. I am also reminded to never lose hope that out of this challenge something good will result.

I am blessed that I do experience a peaceful and loving life, and have made many, many changes in the past few years but the work is not done yet, and I am up to the task.