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"Love and fear represent two different lenses through which to view the world. Which I choose to use will determine what I think I see." Marianne Williamson

After my experience with the sudden hearing loss early this month, I was in the bathroom after my shower, and had a sudden thought pop into my mind that said:

“change the lens of how you perceive life.”

And it was so crystal clear to me, that I did just that! I saw positive potentials instead of fearsome scenarios that being caught in a world of deafness could give me. I had a great day of feeling inner balance just because of this thought and shift of perception.

What’s odd is, I have never used the phrase “changing the lens” either in my writings or oral communication or came across this in my readings. I use other phrases such as “change my/your perception.”  On that week I kept coming across messages about changing the lens of life without my looking for them. The quote I shared at the beginning of this post is one of them.

Seeing the world from a place of fear or love does change everything. Living in fear is constricting; it constricts the heart, the mind, and the expression of our souls. It’s a lower energetic frequency that will not help in attracting wholesome experiences.  Living in love is expanding, opens our hearts, and allows for the fullness of our being to be expressed. It’s the highest state of being.

I for one, am working on choosing love as a state of being, but it takes inner work as I am human and have my vulnerabilities. From a practical level I am releasing my fears with the help of Dr. Ben Johnson who was in the movie “The Secret.”  He is an M.D. who healed himself of Lou Gehrig’s disease which is medically incurable by releasing fears from his body and choosing love. He had no choice as he was given just a few months to live.

From a spiritual level, I am in the awareness that only love is what matters in this planet and with our lives. I believe that everything that happens to us is for our highest good. Yes, even this disconcerting challenge of deafness which I struggle with at times, is a loving opportunity for me to transcend the illusions of how I perceive reality.

I am willing to continue with the task of changing the lens of how I perceive life. And permanently. I owe this love gift of freedom to myself.