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“You must find the place inside yourself where nothing is impossible.” – Deepak Chopra

A few of you are aware I experienced a challenge last month with the sudden loss of hearing which I shared in my blog entry:  The Twilight Zone World of Silence. I have news to share with all.  Didn’t think I would be giving this update, so soon!

Last night while I was in my office with the door closed after having emailed with Janet from Thoughts to Mull,  I was listening to the sounds my s/o Phil was making outside my office and was getting ready to tease him. It did not dawn on me I was hearing until he walked in.  I got all the hearing I lost back! I even hear a little better than what I could hear in the 1990’s (I am taking hearing tests). I am still hearing challenged but not deaf.  I had tears while I was waiting today for the bus and could hear the children’s laughter; such sweet sounds that we all take for granted.

This experience has made very aware of the importance of not carrying any stress within. I am talking about the internal stress we may carry around such as fears, concerns about the past or future  or getting tense when things do not move quickly enough; wanting things to move quickly is one of my weaknesses.

I was introduced by a friend in the Philippines to the Healing Code by Dr. Alexander Lloyd, which is energy healing that releases stress to the cellular level. When we release stress from the body, the body then can heal. They have thousands upon thousands of testimonials with clinical validation of healing taking place from users all over the world.  I have been practicing the Healing Codes everyday for the past few weeks and will continue to do this as I want to continue improving my hearing.  You can check their website for more information healingcodes.com.  Don’t be put off by the seeming commercial aspect to it as you can do the healing codes on your own without spending money.

I have experienced some internal shifts of a spiritual and emotional nature that I probably will share at some point, but not today as I just wanted to share the good news!    

My deepest gratitude to all who sent me energy and prayers or blessed me with your presence here. I recieved your healing intentions/energy as we are all connected.  I won’t forget you; I have an elephant’s memory when kindness is extended to me.

Now off to tell my partner that he is making a lot of noise outside in the garden… just love it! 🙂

Post it Note: Janet (Thoughts to Mull) wrote a beautiful poem dedicated to me. The words are in perfect timing.  Silence, The Healing Balm