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Awareness is our true self; it’s what we are. So we don’t have to try to develop awareness; we simply need to notice how we block awareness with our thoughts, our fantasies, our opinions, and our judgments. We’re either in awareness, which is our natural state, or we’re doing something else. – Joko Beck

How simple. For decades,  I tried to acquire Awareness, when all the time I  have been this awareness, but became distracted  by the entertainment and fear of the mind.  My eyes would get misty with longing when I would read of the awakening of Eckhart Tolle,  Byron Katie, Papaji and various other sages, and the permanent freedom they experienced from the limitations of living inside the movie projector of the mind.

Moment by moment, I am learning to be more observant of myself and how I create my own limitations and freedom.  It doesn’t require deep thinking to get into observer mode so I may experience my true self –  words can get in the way, it requires a silent observation which leads one back to the holy foundation of Self.