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  Are we living from a place of ego or from beyond the ego?


If I had created this well done chart, I would have entitled it “Living without Ego” and “Living with the Ego” to give a glimpse of what life is like mentally and spiritually when we are free from attachments and a sense of lack and separation within ourselves.

Living from a place of ego is constricting and exhausting. Living from beyond the ego (Spirit) is expanding and reflects in experiencing more joy in our lives.

I don’t keep a journal as suggested on the left side of the chart, have tried a few times but lose interest, however, I live mindfully which has given me a few ‘aha’ moments about myself and led to shifts in how I perceive and express my life. I am however, open to getting into the habit of journaling for my self-reflection.

I leave you with a quote from a famous motivational teacher as it adds clarity to the chart’s message:

You are where you are in your life because of what has gone into your mind, THE ONLY WAY to change where you are is change what goes into your mind. – Zig Ziglar