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I wrote this poem many years ago, when matters of the heart and plans gone awry where my spiritual and emotional challenges. This poem was included in the United Nations’ collection of poetry for peace. Nowadays life is sweeter because of the lessons of yesterday.

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When life casts its gray shadows on me

and the tests seem too much to take.

When my heart has been broken once again –

and my dreams have faded into nothingness,

the white sands of the beach is where I go.

Running past sand castles with the

hidden treasures I may never know –

running past lovers basking in the warmth

 of the eternal sun,

I reach for the cool embrace of the ocean’s waves.


Together we dance to the ebb and flow

of the tide of life,

and together we stand unafraid.

Woman Walks in the Golden Light by moonjazz

In the silence of the distance

the ocean’s strength speaks to me-

enveloping my soul with the

gift of peace it came to find.

©Marie Jimenez-Beaumont