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Knowledge is learning something every day. Wisdom is letting go of something every day. – Zen Proverb

It has been a while that I have posted in this blog. At first, I thought I purposely simplified my online time so I could focus on creating a website that sells inspirational fridge magnets, mouse pads and in the future, posters. Now that the project that took many months of my dedication is complete, I don’t have an excuse to not write.

I admitted to myself tonight that the real reason I have not written is because I have had shifts with my spiritual beliefs.

Or rather I have let GO of most of my beliefs because I realized they were stories. I still enjoy inspirational writing but cannot in good conscience write about what I used to believe.

At this point, all I am truly sure of is that I exist in this moment of now. I am also comfortable with the idea that there is an Intelligence that Β none of us has seen moving through Life, that love is the answer to everything under the sun, and that perception creates our reality.

It’s not a bad place to be in, but it has simplified my writing and perspective.

Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday! πŸ™‚