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It’s been a while I have posted in WordPress, but since the year is coming to an end, I thought I would share my thoughts.

This year has been a much better year than 2012, which was the year I suddenly lost my hearing for 3 days. Sometimes blessings come out of traumatic experiences, and in my case, I was forced to stop and reassess how I was treating myself and how  I use my time.

Early this year after signing up for an 8 week CBT therapy session, I finally released my ongoing anxiety. Once I clearly understood the root of my anxiety (faulty thinking) it healed.  I was stunned by the quick results.

I closed my Facebook page even if I enjoyed posting and inspiring my followers. By doing this, I found more time to do things that add value to my life. I signed up for a 52-week course on mindfulness. It took me four months to be able to find a course that I could join as almost every course required video or skype, which I can’t do. I corresponded with customer service and owners of schools, and no one could accommodate me.  With the advance of technology, it shouldn’t be that hard or expensive. Everyone who wants to learn deserves an opportunity to do this.

My goal is to learn mindfulness well enough to be able to develop an online course, and make it accessible to the hearing impaired community.

I am truly looking forward to new adventures with growth and learning, and in helping to make different spiritual programs available to everyone.

I will still be around, posting from time to time and catching up with your posts. 🙂