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Photographer: Clive Harris

For most people to be happy, there has to be a person, place, or thing involved in their happiness. In true happiness, there are no things involved. It’s a natural state. You will abide in that state forever. – Robert Adams

When happiness is conditional, we lose it once the source of our happiness is removed. I admit I am too human to not place happiness on conditions, such as having a very healthy and loving relationship with my mate. I have however, ย tasted happiness and peace for no reason in moments of tremendous challenges, such as when I lost most of my hearing in April of this year.

I am grateful that our true nature is a silent and peaceful one, but the misuse and conditioning of our minds blocks the light within. I am even more grateful that we have teachers such as Gandhi who suffered torture while imprisoned, and yet remained at peace (which allows for happiness to be expressed) ย and remind us as Robert Adams has – that happiness and peace is a state of being that we can abide in forever.

I hope to one day reach this state of being as a way of life.