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  “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Ghandi

Animals and children are the innocent examples of unconditional love because they are pure, empty of ideas imparted by others. It is when we start getting older that we pick up the judgments, prejudices and fears of the adults in our lives.

 One aspect of Love is the ability to keep our heart open by releasing ourselves from all judgments, “I am right, you are wrong”, “how could you think this way?” “why are you spreading fear?” We all, are doing the best that we can with our level of awareness. It is in this diversity that gives us the opportunity of learning from one another and above all learning about ourselves. It is easy to be loving and kind when the way is smooth, but when tested, how do we react? Do we lash out to hurt? Or do we introspect and grow from the experience?

When we step down from the elevated platform of judgment, the tightness that judgment places in one’s heart and overall energy, simply leaves, and from this state of being, we can take action, be it to inspire another, extending healing or being an agent of change.

It takes a loving daily practice, a conscious intention of sincerely looking at self,  to let go of beliefs, patterns or attachments that creates separation from one another.

Love/God/Source embraces all, finds joy in all of its creations as we are all One and reflections of one another.