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Butterfly Life Cycle by Laurie Williams - Caterpillar, chrysalis, adult butterfly all illustrated and placed on a photo of some grape leaves.

I have watched Oprah’s Life Class almost every evening in her cable channel OWN, and my admiration for her is growing each day. She is an example of a being who lives with depth every day of her life, how beautiful and blessed is that?

One does not need money to live with depth and doing what we love. I watched a program in OWN on entrepreneurs and visionaries who are wealthy, and the word of advice was to do what you love for the joy and not for the money. These individuals continued doing what they loved while struggling financially, even one entrepreneur was sleeping in a park bench or car (can’t remember which) and opportunities opened up for them in the end. The passion put into what we love to do is what often triggers doors opening when we least expect it. And age does not matter, we can learn and grow at every stage of our lives. 

I realize however, everyone defines abundance differently. Though I am not adverse to the idea of being rich, (Universe: I am open!) I  prefer to have a life of depth where I dance the dance of love, truth, and creativity and add to the balance and  inspiration of those around me and extend it to different connections around the world. This to me is also abundance.  With the availability of the Internet it makes it a realistic intention, and I am pleased to say this has already taken place at various times in my life where I have been the giver and recipient of  guidance and inspiration.

I see many of you in Facebook, Spiritual Networks and now WordPress which I joined during the summer of this year, uplifting and bringing laughter with your sharing and writing, so thank you all for being in my reality, you know who you are. 🙂